Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 29

Week 5 Day 29!

I skipped all workouts this weekend, besides surfing (some cardio), which means I need to get back to a work out routine this week.

Also being that this is week 5 - and although I'm getting some results - it's not really want I wanted I have to ask myself, what do I need to do better....

  1. eat less portions (good food, but not as much)
  2. Not skip workouts
  3. Add more cardio
  4. Try to avoid work trips where healthy eating isn't an option

Monday - Upper Body (Skipped)
Tiuesday - Lower Body
Wednesday - Cardio
Thursday - Upper Body
Friday - Lower Body
Saturday - Cardio/Surfing
Sunday - Cardio/Surfing

 Breakfast- Oatmeal
Snack - Shake
Lunch - Chicken Fajitas and Cauliflower mash
Snack- Shake
Dinner- Salmon
Snack- Shake

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