Saturday, December 27, 2014

January Body For Life

I'll be doing the body or life challenge again, as more of a method to follow.

I'm going to follow the workout routine and do something along the slow carp and body for life meal plan.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Cottage Cheese

I've never actually tried Cottage Cheese - I might introduce it into my meals.

Day 1 Plan

Monday - Lower Body
Tuesday - Upper Body
Wednesday - Cardio
Thursday - Lower Body
Friday - Upper Body
Saturday - Cardio
Sunday - Cardio

Monday Menu
Breakfast- Egg Whites w/ spinach and bell peppers
Snack - EAS Advandage Shake
Lunch- 1/2 breast of chicken, avocado, tomato with olive oil and vinegar
Snack- EAS Advandage Shake
Dinner - butternut squash soup from trader joes
Snack - celery and apple slices with almond butter

Mental Plan:
Took photos of myself - my goal: lose 15 pounds go from 195-180
lose fat around belly (the tire) and have a more lean chest/stomach area, when I lost 15 pounds 2 years ago
I loved the way I look. Along the way if I make any mistakes or miss a day, I'll just pick up where I left off.
Things I have to remind myself: Try for 30 chews per bite, drink water all day long (keep a bottom of water next to me at all times (I like to have lemon or lemon juice in it), try to keep it low on the carbs (bread is my weakness)
portions, portions portions, the way I know I'll see a big difference is all in the eating part of this plan = small portions (fist size)

Friday, May 3, 2013

May 7th - Let's try this again...

I'm going to try the body for life program again - it's the only program I've ever tried I can see actually using for the rest of my life, so here we go...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 31

Exercise all week -- NONE!
eating has been not terrible but not great. I was demotivated because I wasn't losing any weight and not looking very good either.

My portions are too big - and I'm sure those few days here and there were I went to eat and had a few drinks didn't help either.

so far today I had a shake, then egg-white omelete with chicken and a tortilla (maybe no more tortillas)
for lunch I'm going to go get korean food - probably a rice dish with vegetables.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 30

Yesterday - ate pretty well, but skipped my work out
so here is the new plan.

eat lessons portions!!

Monday - Upper Body (Skipped)
Tiuesday - Lower Body -- will do Upper Body today insetead but at like 4pm
Wednesday - Cardio
Thursday - Lower Body
Friday - Upper Body
Saturday - Cardio/Surfing
Sunday - Cardio/Surfing

Breakfast- shake
Snack - shake
Lunch- salmon and veggies
Snack- shake
Dinner - ?? Work Dinner?
Snack - shake?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 29

Week 5 Day 29!

I skipped all workouts this weekend, besides surfing (some cardio), which means I need to get back to a work out routine this week.

Also being that this is week 5 - and although I'm getting some results - it's not really want I wanted I have to ask myself, what do I need to do better....

  1. eat less portions (good food, but not as much)
  2. Not skip workouts
  3. Add more cardio
  4. Try to avoid work trips where healthy eating isn't an option

Monday - Upper Body (Skipped)
Tiuesday - Lower Body
Wednesday - Cardio
Thursday - Upper Body
Friday - Lower Body
Saturday - Cardio/Surfing
Sunday - Cardio/Surfing

 Breakfast- Oatmeal
Snack - Shake
Lunch - Chicken Fajitas and Cauliflower mash
Snack- Shake
Dinner- Salmon
Snack- Shake